Bilotta Food Equipment is a family run business that was started in 1996. Its conceptualization began with the idea of providing a service to consumers who wished to have an at home coffee bar rather than always purchasing a cup to go. The reach of this vision was later widened to include selling equipment to the beverage/food industries, so they could have the supplies necessary to run their own cafe’s and restaurants. Along with this change in vision, new products were brought in to fit the needs of the industry, and the need to quality products that would last. Shortly thereafter, the idea of sustainability was brought to the forefront. Along with purchasing new equipment, shop owners and individual customers could now purchase used equipment to help grow their business’s. likewise, quality was always of the highest standard. In addition, purchaser experience was also something that was of high regard within the walls of Bilotta Food Equipment.
Shopping for products at Bilotta Food Equipment, is like taking a step into Italy. When you first walk in, you’re greeted by a large print photo by Ruth Orkin titled “American Girl in Italy”. For many customers, this photo has stuck in the mind because of how Italian it really is; including imagery of a café, and how attentive the characters in the photo are to something beautiful. So besides being a company that sells, we also want clients to consider the beauty of the café and food industries, and how good service can stick in the mind like a beautiful piece of art. The family run aspect of the business if what brings about the Italian flare. This means that you’re greeted with an espresso at the door, and your experience is more social rather than a normal buy/sell feature. Moreover, Bilotta Food Equipment offers an array of services that personalize your experience.
We know that not everyone has the innate talent of creating caffeinated delicacies; however, that’s why we’re also there to teach you the “how to’s”. Along with your purchase of a coffee machine, we will train you with all you need to know. As well, during your purchase experience, we let you know when to bring your machine in for servicing, how to clean it, and how to make that perfect drink. For us, it’s not just about the sale; if the customer doesn’t go home knowing what they’re doing, then it’s no doubt that they will comeback unhappy.
You can have a taste of Italy, but you’ll have to be able to handle it as well. We’re happy to assist you with your coffee and restaurant equipment needs. We’re also happy to give you that dose of Italian experience that you can take home with you.


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