“We are a growing Hydrovac company based out of Acheson, Alberta, providing Hydrovac services to the Edmonton and surrounding area as well as all across Alberta. With only the newest state of the art equipment and highly trained staff, Renegade Hydrovac sets itself apart from the rest of the industry by raising the bar when it comes to safety, production, and quality of service. We specialize in locating underground utilities, lines, pipes, and services that are sensitive to mechanical excavation.
We support drilling, utilities, telecom, and piling companies that need to penetrate the ground safely and without damage to the existing infrastructure. Our team takes pride in efficiency, safety, and client satisfaction.
We provide a unique blend or modern tools and professional service backed by good old fashioned values of customer service and our “”client first”” approach. We would welcome an opportunity to demonstrate that there is a difference and Renegade Hydrovac will set a new standard in the Hydrovac Industry.”


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